Rated Ransom’s wRRite Connection is an escape and social acknowledgment of artistic youth, exposing them to more intriguing ways to learn about writing, and celebrating and empowering their gifts; inspiring them through works of music and entertainment figures who also expand beyond their celebrity with writing and artistic works. Rated Ransom will continue to assist in developing youth gifts and teaching them how to share it with others in the digital world, while impacting the community.

Your donations and/or sponsorships for youth writing programs are greatly appreciated!

Sponsorship options:

$5000 ā€“ Name and logo displayed on prominent location of website and highlighted as series sponsor. Visitors will be directed to your website by clicking your logo. Your logo will also be featured on all series promotional materials (digital, literature, and downloads), and social media channels.

$2500 – Name and logo will appear on website and series promotional materials.

$750 ā€“ Name and logo will appear on series promotional materials.

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