Rated-Ransom is a Chicago blog that also offers training, media services, and educational resources for professionals and youth.

We are all about celebrating go-getters…millennial masters and all other generations before and after.

Here at Rated-Ransom we grant shine to independent artists, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, actors, educators, activists and many others throughout Chicagoland. We’ll even throw in a few people from other major cities as well.

This blog was developed to create a space that focuses on up and coming artistic masterminds because it’s simple — they deserve it. Why should they have to wait or only be seen on mainstream platforms to recognize their gift when they have Rated-Ransom to deliver and share with others?

The artist’s craft and resources may be able to help someone; inspire someone. Not to mention …we never know who’s watching and would like to extend an even greater opportunity to help them reach the bigger masses.

While readers may catch an occasional mainstream artist highlighted here at Rated-Ransom, what they can consistently expect to see is the latest scoop on the positive, tasteful culture and craft of Chicago’s culture, lifestyle scenes and music events.

Of course, we won’t forget our roots! Rated-Ransom will continue to highlight moments ranging from entertainment variety, underground projects and independent promotions to other metro happenings, editorials, public relations and publishing for artists.

Stay connected and expect to crave more Music. Culture. Lifestyle.

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