Real. • Reflection.

Hey my subbies! It’s been two months since I last posted! …Crazy right?  Time is flying.   In sum, I’ve been busy with 9-5 work… and a bit of nostalgia.   I’ve been looking back on situations that have made an impact on my life; Guess you can say it’s been therapeutic or a coping mechanism in this unpredictable time we’re in.   

Nearing the holidays always puts me in a reflective mode as well. I’ve been searching for guidance; learning what’s next for me. Especially as a part-time content creator; wondering how to approach it, manifest it and how to take action towards making it happen. Though it sometimes looks bleak as I navigate through these moments, I’ve experienced some happy and fulfilling thoughts to keep me motivated. I don’t want to be trendy or popular; I want to be truthful. Be myself and naturally cultivate influence.

These past eight months have given me a range of outcomes — from exposing people, all the way to elevating me, but most of all inspiring me to live in my truth; to tell the truth …from start to finish; a healthy truth.

Unfortunately, to get to this healthy truth, I had to experience the hurt from accepting the honesty of that truth, then learn how to carry on. (I’m still reeling from an experience that I thought would have turned out differently.) I had to accept it, examine it, be angry about it, be ashamed of it, then turn around and give it credit for motivating me to move on (mind you, I never wanted to give it the “positive credit” but I had to). I feel confident about the fact that I don’t have to ‘say out loud’ what the exact experience was that taught me the lesson. I am able to continue to process it, and use it as fuel to my fire simultaneously as I glow and grow on.

I’ve learned more about this “growing on” of mine that’s in the works, and one thing I’m sure of is I AM MORE than what I’ve accomplished so far. My purpose is multifaceted — I’m a writer, a marketer, a music arts lover, an influencer, and a community educator. Yet, I still know there’s more to learn and share with others BUT!…(Expect to hear more from my podcast Rated :: Worldly Things soon!!)

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Miesha R.