I wanted to take this Monday to share a message about thankfulness and the power of moving forward.

I’ve been thinking about victories and losses a lot lately; they’ve each added tremendously to my personal growth. Particularly, they’ve revealed that I’m walking in God’s intended path set for me. Though I still have a ways to go, I am exactly where I’m supposed to be in my life.

My path has taken the time it has because at some point I was in my own way. (Yes, self-reflection and accountability have kicked me hard, and forced me to look at some things in and about myself that needed to go—change—end). But I’m not mad about it.

I also learned the importance of letting go of what no longer serves me – obsessions with traditional/stereotypical life plans, thoughts, ideas, fantasies…and people. Even if I couldn’t understand and felt hurt, it all had to go if I want to continue to grow.

As a new entrepreneur and creative, I recall my overwhelming perceptions/emotions/responses to people’s support of me — did they follow/unfollow me on social media – who shared my post? – who referred me for services? – who liked my post?what are the analytics saying? – how many of my followers only scrolled past my post? – are my topics relevant? …it was all ridiculous!

Don’t get me wrong, each of these questions are valid and have quite a bit of importance. And considering the age we live in and the influence of social media marketing, I initially held this false perception that if all these things are being done, then my business would grow. Not to mention, I was slightly dependent upon “friends” and “followers” to spread the word. But it wasn’t like that. And due to what seemed like an often response, I felt the growth of my business was potentially stunted because of lack of visibility, support, balance, and reciprocity.

But you know what?… there’s this thing called CONFIDENCE. God stepped in and gave me bunch of it… with a large dose of FAITH. He REMINDED ME of what I’d already accomplished, where I am heading, and that I have more to learn.

I stopped looking to other things and other people, and began to focus on myself. I reflected on what God presented to my life over the years – he allowed me to create my own lane, experience several opportunities to interview people, participate in monumental U.S. political history events, speak before engaged audiences, and recently, create and launch my own writing workshops for youth. It didn’t matter what the social media marketing numbers looked like — It didn’t matter what had/had not taken place in my life. It didn’t matter who shared it or not, or who saw it.

What mattered was that I did it. I am doing it. I am moving with a deeper purpose and mindset. I realized that the most important factor was that someone was impacted in the end…and I. Did. It.

I have moved forward. I believe in my goal and purpose. I leaped over one of my biggest hurdles and didn’t look back. Now, I must keep going.

Realizing my purpose and path, and walking in it with confidence ignited a natural gratification for what I was doing. Not to mention, it encouraged me to create more and challenge myself to work harder—develop more creative connections and step outside of my comfort zone of creativity. I look forward to experiencing what’s next.

This is just the beginning for me and what I will do. Perfectly timed by God.

Now, enjoy my ‘Soul Confident+” Playlist. It’s a pretty good contemporary and classic combo. Hope you like it.

Love — RR.