Likufanele :: “It Suits You”

Today is Juneteenth.

My thoughts about freedom, ancestry, and my culture hit kind of different.

Considering the racial climate and hard work of my people; our seemingly never-ending wars against racism, inequality, and civil rights — in all of it’s unfairness, and the tiring fights we continue to have, WE— BLACK PEOPLE, were born to fight it. Overcome it. Be resilient in the midst of all of it, and Win it.

Victory “suits us”.

I titled today’s post ‘Likufanele’ because of what it means. How I translate it to my life; and our black culture.

My feelings behind this song…

When I was in undergrad, one of my friends introduced me to the music of Zero 7; their ‘Simple Things’ album was one I never forgot.

The song “Likufanele” from this album touched me the most. It’s ritualistic sound of South Africa (though I haven’t been … YET), always seem to make me emotional whenever I listened to it. I later learned that the lyrics were sung in Zulu, and the meaning of the song…”It suits you”.

To this day, something about this song reminds me of my family. The pride and strength I inherited as a McFadden-Murkey descendant.

I carry my family history with pride.

My great-grandmother, Alice McFadden

The stories of my ancestors on the McFadden Plantation, how strong we were and still are, the family religion and bible, family support, love of children, and the encouragement of education—like many families/descendants of slaves, we made it.

We won, though we still fight.

We are a culture of duality.

“It suits US”.