Nevermore Park, Chicago

Fantastical. Fly.

I’m throwing it back to this past weekend.

I experienced the fictional “fly” world of artist, Hebru Brantley.

For those who may not know about Brantley, he is an artist most known for his creation of the futuristic, goggle-wearing characters “Fly Boy” and “Lil Mama”.

Fly Boy and Lil Mama are young, expressive, iconic star superheroes.

They represent the influence of pop culture, graffiti, imagination, and so much more within their urban community — Chicago.

Brantley’s gallery showcase, b.k.a. Nevermore Park, captured this immersive world, infused with historical events, landmarks and symbols of Chicago; The Obamas, Jet Magazine, Chicago el, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs/White Sox, Willis Tower… the list goes on.

Gallery visitors were able to interact with the art at the Chicago newsstand, Chicago subway, and the mystical, foggy botanical garden.

One simple thing I enjoyed most was the setup; upon entering, spectators were greeted by the traditional art gallery that displayed Brantley’s painted pictures of his infamous characters on the walls.

Next, we entered into a brief hall full of crumbled newspapers – noticeably highlighting important stories — Chicago news.

The hall was filled with sounds of Chicago radio – excitement, belting pivotal moments in this city’s journey of sports championships, political movements and wins, women’s rights, and activism — Artistically telling a story from Fly Boy and Lil Mama’s world and perspective.

(Check out video below)

Fun. Fantasy.

Nevermore Park Interactive Experience is still on showcase, located in Pilsen.

Get tickets here and experience it for yourself: .

Photo Credits :: Rated-Ransom + Nevermore