Monday Music :: Rated-Ransom Is A Nonprofit

The Monday Music to my ears… and eyes. It’s MY time.

A friend recently reminded me… “sis, you’re a WHOLE, WHOLE brand now.”

I laughed and agreed — what a journey this is about to be.

Throughout the pauses, breaks, procrastination, sound-bite stories, hiatuses, timeouts, and uncertainty, there was always the few real ones that encouraged me to keep going.

They prayed over me and my goals, as I do for them.

This is one of the best starts and new paths I’ve been on in so long, and I know it’s real — not for show, not for validation, not for competition, not for likes/stunts on social media, nor popularity.

Rated Ransom as a nonprofit is long overdue, however it was supposed to happen in THIS moment.

Rated Ransom is a purpose planned.

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