SUNDAY SERVICE Came Home — Kanye West.

So, this weekend’s big city news was Kanye’s Sunday Service held at Chicago’s Northerly Island. And yup, I missed it!

Unfortunately, the tickets sold out quickly, and I was unable to join a great community of non-traditional church, with a smidge of secular influence. Thank goodness for YouTube and Instagram for filling me in, and helping me feel like I didn’t miss a beat.

I appreciate Kanye’s innovative format of praise and worship, drawing the masses, and passion for sharing all-around love for music; be it gospel, worldly or… a Chicago-house classic.

A few things I felt emotional about as I watched was the way Kanye ushered in positive publicity for the city of Chicago, community comfort, excitement, love, togetherness, unguarded singing, admiration for a higher spiritual power, and memories that would last forever in this city’s history.

Kanye’s Sunday Service and Homecoming wasn’t a time to focus on his past stunts, why he supports Trump, if he is a sellout, if he is black enough or any other BS the naysayers, negative Nancies, and haters have to say — yes, I said haters because I’m tired of folks being on this plane, bus, train, and bike of the “cancel culture”. Many of us must accept that people have their right to what they choose or love, they make mistakes, and that they are sometimes regretful/remorseful for their actions. But really, does Kanye have to be apologetic for who he is?

Let’s stop acting surprised — join the ride or move on.

We have our right to our own opinions and decisions, but the “cancel culture” is a huge feat that we must overcome, which has done nothing but increase our division as a collective, and most importantly, a race.

But I digress.

This weekend— in Chicago— also known as Kanye’s home city — the city that continuously generates tragic news nearly every weekend — Kanye bought the service home to help change the narrative, even if it’s just for the moment — or just the beginning. He joined other everyday-Chicagoans who work so hard to impact their communities through education, public service, arts, and social influence; with his blessing of music.

Kanye still produces a product that motivates others and many will support him in no matter what because it is an honest gesture of who he’s always been.

He was home. Sunday Service was a Beautiful experience. We were beautiful communing Together. God Blessed us.

Photo Credits: Google Images