…Well, not just yet. But I’m on my way.

This past weekend, I drove back home to Benton Harbor, Michigan to seal my commitment to my hair.

… Yes, I said my hair.

What’s the commitment you wonder?…Locking my hair.

After two years of indecisiveness, I finally moved forward to begin my hair locking process, at the hands of 21-year experienced loctician, Sheri Bledsoe.

My starter loc experience was done in good energy, and healthy and caring hands, so this made my transition process and journey imaginable.

Locking my hair symbolizes reward, confidence, boldness, beauty, facing fear and knocking down the historical intimidation that societies have used to convince the black culture in believing its natural hair is not beautiful — Only to turn around and have it culturally appropriated, then defined as “stylish” and “socially trending”.

…but I digress.

As a black woman who once wore permed hairstyles, I tried to convince myself that wearing chemically-enhanced loose strands was easy. However, I’m glad that I learned and EMBRACED the fact that wearing my natural locs is EASIER with much reward beyond strand elongation and trends.

My locs represent…

Self-love And awareness.









My loc progress will tell the story and I hope to share it with you!