Recently, I started thinking about what I’ve already accomplished in my life but still asking myself Am I being my true self? Am I walking in my true purpose? Something in my spirit answered with one word; Transparency.

God knows I’ve always been aware of what my purpose is in life, but allow me to be transparent right now…Sometimes I’ve had a tendency to run from my purpose and the opportunities that my purpose could potentially bless me with. I’d avoid it or only share little to none of it.

Why?… it sure wasn’t because I lacked confidence in my craft and influence.

Then what was the real reason you ask? …what was the real mountain?

It was Trivial…I struggled in deciding what was best for me and what made me happy, mostly because I invested too much thought into outside, irrelevant factors, opinions, people, thoughts and emotions, in which all kept me in a box; feeling limited with questions I already knew the answers to.

As a result, I stunted my growth each time I allowed that to happen and never realized it until later. Not to mention, I found ways to TRY to talk myself out of my vision, eventually building fear, stopping me from moving towards my purpose.

My purpose is to not only share my life’s adventures and journeys through my writing but to also extend my gift to others; help others. To lead in various millennial cultures and live outwardly with no regrets; never minding those who are watching, criticizing and questioning why I am who I am or do what I do, or how many times I’ve done it.

It’s time that I Be Real. Be A Light. Be Bolder. Be Controversial. Be Connected. Be Social. Be More Conscious. Be the whole damn opposite of what my fears once TRIED to make me feel that I wasn’t.

I’m in the state of BEing Renewed — Building the best and most honest brand of me and I plan to share some of it with you here at Rated Ransom.

I’ll allow the content to speak for itself.

Stay tuned…


⁃ Creator of Rated-Ransom