Monday Music :: The Carters — Nice

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I can do any-thiiiiing… yeah! Hell nah! Hell Nah! Hell Nah! Hell Nah!!

Is there such a thing as “sophisticated-trap music”?!! …well, my answer is YES if it’s up to Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

This power couple makes their music sound a smidge trap-ish, while encouraging their listeners to feel classy, confident and unstoppable.

In my opinion, their approach is one of the best to hook fans and keep them addicted to their music.

Aside from self-esteem boosting lyrics, it always helps to get Pharrell Williams to produce a good track of sharp, half-tempo beats and chords to keep the flow of a catchy song.

The Carters serve “Sophisti-Trap” at its finest and I am ready to experience them at Chicago’s Solider Field this summer on August 10-11th!

Like Beyoncé said… “they give us life.” (For the sensitive ones… don’t take that literally). It only means they’re part of the best performers of today’s music scene…They give a breath of fresh talent and entertainment.

Anyway, Ticketmaster still has plenty of seats!! Go make your purchase!

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Photo Credit: Google Images