Monday Music :: Craig Mack — Flava In Ya Ear !!

A week ago today, we lost another hip-hop legend Craig Mack. He was only 46 years young.

When I first learned of his death, all I could think or feel was how the rap/hip-hop industry seems to be consistently losing the REAL pioneers and godfathers who helped develop the respective genre into the hot format it became in the early 90’s — real respected rap.

When I first heard Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya’ Ear” in 1994, all I imagined was myself dancing as a “Fly Girl” on the hit-show In Living Color.

Mack’s song was… and still is, a new-jack, east coast cocky joint that forces you to remember some of the best memories the 1990s had to offer. It was a reflection of him, his life and the passion he possessed for the craft of rap.

Not saying that today’s rappers are knock-offs, wannabes or phonies, but hey… rappers have evolved with the times and have become terribly infused with so much superficiality and low substance all for a sale. It makes one question how realistic their art really is.

But I digress. Craig Mack will be a legend forever. He gave grit, guts, confidence and fun all wrapped in one. He gave us art and music realism that pop culture won’t ever forget and can never replace.

Rest In Peace to a Legend — Craig Mack.

Love music.