Monday Music :: Tyler, the Creator — Glitter 

I really like Tyler, the Creator (TtC) and how he dares to be different with his music.  He’s been featured in many songs with pop-rap group, The Internet, and how I was originally introduced to his style of music. 

Much later, he presented “Glitter”,  which I didn’t learn about until watching Black•ish star, Marsai Martin’s Instagram post — and even Tracie Ellis Ross is a fan of TtC.  Since then, this song’s been on repeat a few times. 

“Glitter” is about a rollercoaster of emotions that you experience when you like someone… from an eccentric rapper’s point-of-view. 

… I can definitely relate.  I’m sure many of us can. 

Tyler, the Creator will be touring Chicago March 2018 . 

Good Day.