Hella Fresh As F*ck :: Issa’s Tees

N*ggas Tee was created and styled by NY designer Omndi

Issa Rae’s second season of Insecure concluded nearly two months ago but let’s admit it, those t-shirts she wore during the entire season were unforgettable. 
Black colloquialisms, sociopolitical views, black American TV pop culture, music icons, black history, sarcasm, activism and urban symbolism … all those “-isms”… each shirt made a great statement. 

Some thought they were witty and fun; others thought they were offensive. 

I consider myself to be rather modest, but would most definitely rock these tees with no problem.  The messages they send pack a lot of power, and has gained impressive attention from viewers. 

In case you forgot some of Insecure season 1+2 tee styles, let me refresh your memory… 

“Giver of No Dambs” — by Awesomly Luuvie

Monday, Tuesday, W T F, Saturday, Sunday
The Last Poets
HUMP — Make America Gyrate Again
“FBI Killed Fred Hampton”
A Different World

Insecure costume designer, Ayanna James believes in supporting black businesses; which is the reason these nice tees caught so much attention. Some of the styles we see on the show’s characters are from: Sammy B Designs, Almasika Fine Jewelry and OXOSI. 

Buy black, and bite Issa’s casual style with these brands. 

Have a hella great weekend!