Monday Music :: Jhene Aiko – Never Call Me 

“You are the one… everybody else is twos and threes… you’re the one” – Kurupt 


This is the first time that I’ve really listened to Jhene Aiko’s music.  She’s absolutely inspirational; a goddess of gentle, easy-flow music. 

My favorite track on her new, psychedelic-inspired album Trip is Never Call Me ft. Kurupt. 
It’s a simple scenario… Jhene reminded the guy that he should’ve done more/been honest, but since he didn’t try, make sure he doesn’t bother her in the future; She’s not the one to play with. If the guy still has a hard time understanding… she got some boys that will handle him, for her.  

They will go lengths to protect her.

Kurupt’s “big brother” speech at the end is what every little sister would love to hear. 

Check out Trip on iTunes – Apple Music.