Monday Music :: Sam Smith – Too Good at Goodbyes 

The perfect words. 

The perfect emotions. 

The perfect innocence, riddled with subtle sarcasm.

Sam Smith creates the best songs about breakups and heartache. 

Smith’s newly-released single Too Good at Goodbyes is about taking your power back from a relationship that’s not good for you. 

The lyrics in this song are words that you tell that person you loved, but they took you for granted — it’s about calling them out on their sh*t , telling them they can keep their lies and tricks… never allowing them to see you cry.  It warns them that it’s easy for you to say goodbye, no matter how much you love them. 

Too Good at Goodbyes is about protecting your heart, your soul and possessing mental strength. 

Thank you, Sam Smith, for another soulful hit! 

YOUR HAPPINESS should always come first. 

Happy Monday!!!