Monday Music  ::   Happy 35th to Me!!

…I am Blessed and thankful to see another year. 

As I celebrate my 35th birthday, I reflect on all that I have to be proud about; the good, the bad, the funny sh*t and the things I’ve feared throughout my life thus far. 
For so long, I spent so much time trying do what “seemed right” in the eyes of others — my feelings, my thoughts, my words, my actions.

Though I have grown immensely, every now and again as a human, I still experience those moments.  

I recall times when the opinions of others helped define me and determine what next move I’d make in my life; never realizing that most of it would make me “live in a box”, be “inhibited” and susceptible to the lifestyle of society’s “new trend of people”.  I would have lived such a “robotic” life; miserably marching to the beat of another’s drum. 

Nevertheless, I remind myself: …don’t apologize for not being what others feel/think you should be… be yourself… you are enough…you don’t have to prove yourself to others, and you’ve made it this far being exactly who you are…so apparently you’re doing something right. God’s got you… now keep it moving. 

Being who I am — MIESHA — has made me the person I am today — loving, flawed, confident, smart, simple, sexy, fun, boring, traditional, calm, dramatic, goofy, pretty, genuine and sensitive — I like it all. I love it all.  

Throughout the successes, failures, lessons learned, happiness, sadness, wrongs, rights and the other stuff in between, all of it has made me appreciate my existence in this world; thankful for my life. 

Regardless of what this life presents, I’ll always love myself and the characteristics that make me rare, non-conforming, different, spontaneous, weird… but forever intriguing. 

I am ME. Proud to be. 

NOW —– Enjoy my birthday playlist! It’s an easygoing fresh combo of old-school, inspiring, eccentric, pop-y and sexy music! 

1. Glow Up :: Mary J. Blige 

2. Bang It Up :: Ciara 

3. Prepared :: Jill Scott 

4. Every Little Thing U Do :: Christopher Williams 

5. Sweet Love :: Anita Baker 

6. Signs :: Beyoncé 

7. Move Too Fast :: Iman Omari (feat. Anna Wise

8. I Belong To You :: Rome

9. Stand In Your Line :: Dornik 

10. I Love Your Smile :: Shaniece 

11. Don’t You Forget It :: Glenn Lewis 

12. Cross The Line :: Stokley 

13. Sorry Not Sorry :: Demi Lovato

14. Diamonds and Pearls :: Prince 

15. Party Ain’t A Party :: Queen Pen 

16. Love :: Dean (feat. Syd) 

17. Unzip Your Dress :: Playa 

18. Say It Again :: H.E.R. 

19. Baby, I’m Scared of You :: Womack & Womack 

20. The One for Me :: Rahsaan Patterson

21. Free :: Ken Ford 

22. Real Love, No Shade :: Roman GianArthur 

23. Is This Love :: DeMetria McKinney 

24. You Can’t Buy My Love :: Kool Skool 

25. Forever, For Always, For Love :: Lalah Hathaway 

26. Sweet Freedom :: Michael McDonald