Monday Music ::  Stokley – “Victoria” 

Stokley Williams (of Mint Condition) did us proud on his latest solo project, Introducing Stokley.  

I always say that Stokley is the type of artist who gets “nasty” in his expression when he sings — he puts that “stank” on the music because he makes listeners FEEL the words. 
Each track on this album is good, but Victoria is my favorite. 

First off, this song has a Caribbean beat that makes you want to wind it up and do a few body rolls… on somebody. (hehehe!

But anyway….
The premise of this song is about a man crying over a woman that he thinks left him, and she didn’t care. He’s pouring out his feelings and thoughts, singing this soulful island blues. 

The woman shows back up, and catches him crying. Needless to say, she assured that she was there for him, and he didn’t have to worry. 

So cute, catchy and rhythmic. 

Now… go wind on somebody on a Monday.