Pia Renee :: The Return of An American Idol

Photo Credit: Pia Renee
After taking a small break from music, westside Chicago’s Pia Renee is back at it, with more soulful, funky and raspy alto sounds that I’m sure you all will love! 

Pia Renee hosted a listening party to share her latest music project ‘The Return‘. 
The music is real, and brings the blues, island notes and all the old-school “juke joint” feels. 

In this EP she addresses experiences with love, fear, empowerment and the Chicago community.  
My most favorite track is ‘Mister‘, where Pia samples the style of The Color Purple‘s “Sister“, then she spits the line “you break your promise like a crack h*e on Christmas”. (LOL!… the BEST, right?!!…And don’t get brand new — I know some of you know what she means). But anyway, I can tell the rest of listening audience loved this track also. 

What I learned about Pia is that her music teaches a consistent lesson about facing fears, and living in freedom and truth; to never back down; to be “resolute”.  

Pia has proven herself to be strong, open and unstoppable. When life throws obstacles at her, she will respond to it by making more great music. 

To learn about the former American Idol “Hollywood round” contestant and talented vocalist/bassist,  Pia Renee, visit http://www.piarenee.com.  
You can also find her music on Apple ITunes and SoundCloud.