Urban Fetes Silent Party Experience… 

Feelin’ cute and in some kinda music zone — Esh
FETES: (French word for festival)


I’m a few weeks late, but I still wanted to share a little piece of my experience with the Urban Fetes Silent Party at LITE Chicago. 

I was a virgin to silent parties, and let me tell you, Urban Fetes made my first time unforgettable. 

To begin, LITE Chicago was an awesome venue to host this kind of party. This lofty space with dim lights made the mood just right for 90s R&B slow jams.  

The check-in process was simple. They provided cool, color-coded headphones, and access to 3 bomb-ass DJs. Not to mention, the drink service was superb! 

I rocked out to some of the hottest old-school R&B jams from Al B. Sure, SWV, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and many others, all while working up a good sweat. It was phenomenal! 

The DJ’s even threw in a bit of tunes from some of Chicago’s hottest and seasoned artists — Krucial Konflict, R.Kelly, Twista and J-Hud. 

I must admit that I felt kinda goofy in the beginning, as I occasionally listened to others sing their songs out loud. It was hilarious to listen to people who “thought” they could sing… including myself.  (LOL!!)
Though many of us were tuned into different stations, there was still a great sense of harmony in the room — All coming together for the sake of music from one of the best eras of all time…the 90s!! 

This is an event I would recommend to all music lovers and party-goers.  I even plan to attend again myself. 

Urban Fetes will be hosting two Chicagoland parties this week: 

  • April 27th at the Velvet Lounge on S. Kedzie, Chicago, IL : 9pm-2am 
  • April 29th at FLAVOR Brunch and Bar in Hazel Crest, IL : 9pm-2am 

This is a “festival” you wouldn’t want to miss! 

To learn more about Urban Fetes history and upcoming events, please visit: 


Photo Credit: Urban Fetes