Chrisette Michele performing for Trump Inauguration ???


I’m appalled. 

I’m a Chrisette Michele fan, and just two weeks ago, I was bragging on all her black girl magic. Then I learned she will be performing at Trump’s Inauguration.   

I thought it was a rumor….guess you can blame it on my naïveté. I didn’t want to accept this reality, but perusing through social media sites confirmed it all. 

My reaction:  (que in the infamous scene from the tv show Good TimesDamn! Damn! Daaaamnnn!!!

No, this isn’t a laughing or joking matter. It is exactly how I felt… how I still feel. And obviously, I’m in good company. 

Many of the Black community’s film and music entertainment stars are shocked by her decision — Quest Love of The Roots offered to pay Chrisette Michele to not perform — Film Director, Spike Lee planned to use her song Black Girl Magic in his Netflix series, She’s Gotta Have It, but he cancelled that — and to top it all, Fans are bold and unashamed in showing their disappointment by threatening to unfollow her and discontinue their support of her music. 

While Chrisette Michele is entitled to her own opinions/choices…and finances,  many wonder how she could support Trump’s Inauguration, considering how he has consistently shown hate, prejudice, racism, sexism…and brags on grabbing p***y, and building border walls to “keep Mexicans out of the U.S.” 

Supporting someone with this overwhelming personality of racial and cultural insensitivity is unbelievable. And if ever asked to support him, one should be offended, whether they’re a #PoliticalGenius or not. 

This is a matter of sticking together as a community; not contributing to the plan of divide and conquer.  It is about demanding to be respected and valued as a race and culture. Standing up for what is right. 

Her public statement, citing the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are noble, but perhaps her decision to support anything associated with Trump is a contradiction of those words? — Also, when do we stop “turning the other cheek” as a culture? 

We will never get a full answer, and that’s okay. However, many will continue to ask why?What encouraged this decision?  They will also suggest to never compromise self-respect and integrity for money.