Firecakes Donuts


With all the “healthy” food and fitness plans underway, I chose to be naughty today for brunch and I’m proud about it!  

I’m usually a simple Dunkin girl, or I’d frequent the local grocer bakery for donuts. But today, I decided to spice it up and experience what all the rave was about for Firecakes Donuts. 

Firecakes takes the donut experience to a whole new level — bacon, coconut, pistachio, and the good old-fashioned flavors. Please believe, they got it. 

I wanted to try Firecakes’ famous donut ice cream sandwich, considering today’s warmer weather, but decided to go for the Vanilla Iced and Peanut Butter and Jelly options instead. They were quite tasty and reasonably priced.  

It was hard to choose with all the traditional and seasonal options that were available, but luckily I can catch this yummy, donut goodness all year-round. 

Firecakes Donuts can be found at two locations:  68 W. Hubbard Street and 2453 N. Clark Street. 

Better go get yours!! 🍩