A Lioness in Leadership


“I walk in my own empowerment to help others”  – Dr. Michele Vaughn, founder of Lead 2 Inspire (L2i) Training Institute and Teen and Single Mother Resource Center.

Experiencing some of life’s greatest challenges as a single parent and college dropout, then triumphing to a doctorate scholar, it’s no wonder why Dr. Michele Vaughn carries the natural passion to help others towards personal growth and success goals.

Dr. Vaughn, a certified John C. Maxwell trainer, speaker and coach recently hosted Lead 2 Inspire’s first Professional Women’s Conference.   To only say this conference was ‘good’ would certainly be an understatement.

In a room full of women…and two men, were leading female politicians, realtors, fitness gurus, community educators, project managers — and the next generation of young women, who would soon carry the torches of these pretty powerhouses they shared that moment with. There was an overflow of knowledge, empowerment, wisdom, energy and noted fashion sense, might I add.

Each speaker was a leading lady in her own right.  All represented Lake County, IL community organizations and businesses  — Rita Mayfield (Illinois State Representative – 60th District); Dr. Sharon Sanders-Funnye (Director of TRIO, Educational Talent Search); Carlotta Roman (Training Manager of VW Credit, Inc.); Tammy Moore (Senior Division President of Diamond Residential Real-Estate); Alice Scott (CEO & Founder, JoiwithFitness); Kenji Kuykendall (CEO & Founder, Advances Pro Docs) and Susan Shuling (Executive Director, Mother’s Trust Fund).

They all introduced themselves with a confident dance to one of their favorite tunes… It was success, sophistication and Soul-Train all wrapped in one.

Some of the most valuable topics discussed were: aspects of leadership, thriving in corporate America, financial fitness, health and wellness, reality of real estate and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Vaughn shared her thoughts about why she developed this conference, her advice to young women, and why she coaches others to ‘expose their intentionality’ — “my goal for this conference is to help women know their role/gift to the marketplace… know that they add value [to society] and to operate by faith… I want young women to know that it’s their right to envision their own dream…you can’t mimic your life to some else’s blueprint… Women are carriers by nature… you have to understand what stage you’re in, in your life.”  Her advice on the first step towards achieving goals…”write your vision down. It’s a daily reminder.”

She concluded with a simple definition of leadership. “You have to like people. A leader has to have influence. We all have some level of influence.

To keep current with Dr. Michele Vaughn, her latest publication/upcoming conference B.R.I.D.E.  or to learn about services offered through L2i, and Teen and Single Mom Resource Center, please visit: http://www.lead2inspire.org and http://teenandsinglemom.com for more information.

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