The Element of Jill Scott


Jill Scott’s fifth studio album WOMAN is dope – (Yes, this album dropped last month but I still had to come and say a little something about it.)

First off – Scott’s musical expression is amazing.

I listened to the complete album – nonstop, front to back.   The music held variety in emotion — confidence, blues, mellow and sensual; so much to the point that I was inclined to burn a candle and sip some wine…in a dim-lit room.   But of course, Jill Scott’s music has the tendency to put people in THAT kind of mood.

Scott’s WOMAN decoratively renders lessons of maturity.  “Wild Cookie”,  “Beautiful Love”, “Prepared”, “Closure”, “Back Together”, “Cruisin’” and “Lighthouse” are some of my most favorite tracks… May as well say that the entire album had my attention.

In all, WOMAN is empowering.  It exposes the chameleon-like psyche of a woman experiencing growth, self-discovery, joy, fear and pain in love, and the beauty and wholeness of motherhood.

Get your copy now, if you haven’t already!

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Miesha R.  –  #Rated-Ransom