Sorry for the “DUMB S**T”…Tyrese resurrects real R&B in his declaration for love with apologies in final solo album, Black Rose.


It gives me great pleasure to debut Rated-Ransom’s first story with a music review of Tyrese Gibson’s final album, Black Rose. But first things first, I must say that Tyrese is quite the natural talent– smooth voice of passion and superb acting skills. Not to mention, he is fine with a body of an adonis and an unforgettable smile that makes him all the more intriguing.

My best memory of Tyrese was watching him in a 1994 commercial. A young, chocolate cutie singing on a city bus and sipping a cola. He was that junior-high schoolgirl’s crush that she would imagine to ask her to be his lady one day. I know that’s pretty young to think about such things but hey, it was fun to daydream.  

As a grown man now, with all the experiences to back it up, Tyrese presents raw examples of relationships, and its facets of apologies, pain, intimacy and happiness. His album triggers what I’d like to call “soul emotions” that allows listeners to deeply connect to what he sings about. The complications of love can sometimes seem never-ending. At some point and time we’ve all experienced these honeymoon and soap opera phases within our own relationships; encountering true love and best-sexually-intimate moments ever. Then on the flip side, the heartache, deception and betrayal from the one that we thought was our best friend and lover.

My take on Black Rose as it relates to these experiences…


An unashamed expression about a man’s feelings for a woman with sex appeal, whom he also finds to be unforgettable. Leaving her alone is the last thing he’ll ever do. She’s magic, with that ‘comeback’ love. He’s proudly addicted.

Dumb S**t

Enough said. He knew she was the one. But he was immature, thought the grass was greener on the other side, and felt like his lady was worth the sacrifice to be with other women. Now he regrets it all and hopes he doesn’t lose her over all of the DUMB SHIT he did.   (Sorry…it feels better to spell out the entire bad word the second time around.)

Picture Perfect

Mature love beyond the surface, and all of its flaws. The relationship that conquers all, yet it still survives. A perfect match.

Waiting On You

Face-time and online chats won’t do.   Make the time to see your love face-to-face. Create more heart-to-heart moments to talk, touch, kiss, caress…you know the rest.

Shame ft. Jennifer Hudson

Feelings of personal humiliation after realizing how bad he treats the woman he is supposed to love and calls his best friend. Hoping his apologies will fix the problems he created with his infidelity, lies and disrespect of his family. He is ashamed.

Don’t Wanna Look Back ft. Chrisette Michele

Conversation between lovers about not taking the present for granted. Making every moment count. Living in love with confidence. Leaving no room to create memories of regret. Honesty and Forgiveness.

Prior To You ft. Tank

Charismatic tune about an unexpected love that changes his life. Though he’s aware of what love has felt like before, this time around is different. Love changes his expectations and decisions. SHE’s that missing piece to the puzzle that makes him whole and gives him serenity.


He imagines what the future would be like for a true love lost. The sadness and weakness of watching his better half walk away with the love and memories of what was shared together.

Without My Heart

Painful. Love left alone to become lifeless. The only love ever known, sacrificed and lived for, steals his heart; leaving him with no reciprocity of the love he unselfishly gave.

*When We Make Love, * Body Language and *Gonna Give You What You Need

These three tracks are the “slow dances” for lovemaking. There’s something about the pace of each song that sets the mood, and creates moments meant to be uninterrupted. No inhibitions between lovers. Appreciation of one another’s bodies… (Tastefully described, huh?) 

The Rest of Our Lives ft. Brandy

“I love you…let’s go half on a lifetime…there’s no me without you.” – Tyrese shows submissiveness and confidence as a grown man who’s ready to commit, protect and start a family with that special woman. He makes the ultimate decision to honor the beauty of love.

I Still Do

Despite the trials and tests of romance, just don’t quit. Withstand the fear from past issues and commitment. Allow love to prevail when you truly know that it exists.

If you still haven’t picked up your copy of Black Rose, please show Tyrese some support. This album is a wonderful form of relationship therapy. It gives revitalization to old-school 90’s R&B love songs. Definitely worth the purchase.

Miesha R.